Advisory Board

Sy Baumstein – Joe Branda – Kathy Branda – Matthew Brennan – Denise Conkling – Ed Greenberg – Eric Kerssen – Gary Leventhal – Luciana Rufolo – Maxine Samson – Lynda Slepp – Donna Spallina – Dan Stenchever

The members of the Advisory Board bring diverse experience and skills to the Opportunity Center. Our blend of family members, experts in the field and others with varied career talents help us to address the many needs of The Opportunity Center as we evolve as an organization.

Matt Brennan, the President of the Board was originally drawn to the Center because of a family member. The Opportunity Center is very fortunate that he has stayed involved and brings legal expertise as well as personal experience and hard earned wisdom. Donna Spallina, who heads the Parent Association and Kathy Branda have been instrumental in our fundraising activities and bring a lot of energy and support to the center. They were both originally drawn to the Center by an attending family member as were
Maxine Samson, Joe Branda and Luciana Rufolo. Each family member brings their personal experiences to help other members of the board and staff better understand our clients. In addition, Joe is a local businessman who has used his gym to help with fundraising and as a change of pace for our attendees. Luciana is an MSW with invaluable experience in the not for profit world.

Sy Baumstein has served on the Opportunity Center Board since its inception and in addition to bringing the knowledge he gained as head of Special Education for Fair Lawn he brings a deep and long standing knowledge of the community and the people in it. Sy reached into the school system to bring three former coworkers to the Board. Ed Greenberg, Lynda Slepp (Secretary of the Board), and Denise Conkling have a wealth of experience helping adults with disabilities meet their challenges – as school psychologists and special educators, experience that will help the Center continue to grow and improve.

Gary Leventhal, the center’s Treasurer and Eric Kerssen bring business and financial acumen to the Center. Danny Stenchever (Vice President of the Board), brings extensive experience with community involvement as a business owner and through the Lions Club (Dan is a past district governor of the Lions).